Sue McMillan of Mission Outreach with our glove shipment

Sue McMillan of Mission Outreach with our glove shipment

When we reflect on 2014 in the years to come, we will undoubtedly remember the two-month period when America was paralyzed with fear about the Ebola outbreak coming stateside, largely due to the over-exaggeration of the media. But for All We Are, we will remember it differently. We are an organization that works largely in Central Africa—with no connections to West Africa, specifically Sierra Leone, Liberia or Guinea.

We watched the news and saw the events unfolding in these places, just as so many of you did. Seeing the devastation wreaked by this terrible virus, we launched 50Grand as an emergency campaign. We found a great partner in Gloves for Love Liberia, who had extensive contacts in the area, and we started working. We set an ambitious goal of 50,000 gloves and started contacting companies and organizations for support. Fortunately, in just a few short weeks, we received enough donations to make our first shipment of gloves to Sierra Leone. These donations came from our many great friends and supporters who felt called to help contain the outbreak, and to ultimately help save lives.

Ebola is not an easy thing for people in America to wrap their heads around, mainly because many simply don’t understand what it is. And perhaps that is what made the thoughts of an outbreak here so scary, when really our attention is better directed at helping those whose lives are truly in danger. Fortunately, many of our wonderful followers stepped up to lend their support to this important cause. We were overwhelmed by the support of family and friends who spread the news of what we were trying to do throughout their communities. Today a sea container is departing to Sierre Leone, and on board are countless boxes of gloves we purchased with the donations of our supporters.

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of our amazing supporters for wanting to be a part of the work we are doing. For having a sense of civic duty to help in times of need. For contacting countless friends and potential partners for All We Are. And most importantly, for seeing our passion and believing in what we are doing. Perhaps Ernest Hemingway said it best, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”


Nathan Thomas