All We Are’s mission is to positively impact the lives of individuals in developing countries, specifically focusing on bringing aid to Africa. As is the case with any worthwhile goal, we face several obstacles when it comes to providing help to these places. One of the biggest obstacles we face is the logistics and transportation of humanitarian aid to the individuals that need it. Cost of transportation and mode of travel is a huge concern when sending supplies to communities overseas. However, we at AWA have discovered a method that will allow us to send supplies to Africa free of charge.

The Denton Program is a Department of Defense (DoD) program that provides transportation for approved humanitarian assistance commodities destined for approved countries. Fortunately for AWA, there are some approved locations within Africa. If we are approved, the Denton Program will allow us to send supplies over free of charge. The program is specifically designed to meet legitimate humanitarian aid in line with the country’s specific requirements. Thus, any organization desiring to make use of the program is required to submit a lengthy application and go through a tedious interview process. This ensures that the only most legitimate organizations have access to the space that is offered up on U.S. military aircraft.

Image from Wikimedia Commons

The space upon the aircraft is not guaranteed. It is dependent on the availability and mission essential equipment. The U.S. military conducts many oversea missions and sends countless supplies to many countries; depending on the mission and supplies, there may not be space available for the organization’s aid, or the supplies may be delayed depending on what operations are being conducted.

AWA is currently in the process of applying for the Denton Program, as well as exploring other options for sending supplies to Africa. The Denton Program sent over 2 million pounds of humanitarian goods last year, and we at AWA look forward to being able to contribute to that number this year.

– Andrew Ly, Distribution Coordinator, All We Are