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All We Are is a global movement with a presence across countries, cultures and languages.  Our domestic team is spread across the United States, and our supporters are based around the world.  

Our supporters include students, teachers and travelers.  Engineers, photographers, and financial planners.  Mothers, fathers, and children.  No matter who you are, you can help us make an impact.

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To start, connect with us on social media and sign up for newsletter. Next, if you're in North America, look at our community map to connect with AWA members near you.  And if you're ready to get to work, let's talk about volunteering opportunities!

Where We Are

AWA locations can be found across the United States, from our HQ in Ohio to North Carolina to Silicon Valley.  Hover over the below map to see all our locations, and click each pin for details.

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All We Are Locations

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Are you passionate about service work? Do you know that you already possess the skills to make a difference? Skill-based volunteering is the bridge between passion and purpose. Help us solve problems, while honing in on your skills and learning more about development work. Whether you’re a coder, an artist, or an engineer, All We Are is for you.

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