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Give. Play. Grow.

We provide gently used soccer equipment to children in developing nations that do not have access to quality gear. We collect equipment in the United States, and work with international organizations to deliver it to areas in need. It is our goal to provide children with greater opportunities for success by developing athletics alongside our other education projects.


How it Works

  1. Collect:  Gather up any old equipment you don't use anymore. Reach out to teammates, friends and family too!
  2. Send: Send the equipment to AWA. We have members across the US to provide a shipping location near you. 
  3. Identify: We identify organizations travelling to developing countries, who are interested in taking gear and holding an event.
  4. Play: We send gear to these groups, and they take it with them to give to kids on their trip. We also provide guidance on holding tournaments or camps for the schools and clubs receiving the equipment.

See Your Gear In Action

All We Are hosts an annual soccer tournament to mark the donation of our gear.  What's it look like? It's a competition between teams from multiple local schools.  All participating schools are the recipients of our donated equipment, including hundreds of pounds of cleats, balls, and full soccer uniforms.  

Over 1000 lbs donated

2016 Donations 

AWA 2016 trip: 450 pounds | Kampala, Uganda
Matt Price - 200 pounds | Dodoma, Tanzania
Embrace Uganda - 175 pounds | Koreng, Uganda
Dale Reeves - 100 pounds | Accra, Ghana


2015 Donations 

AWA 2015 trip: 150 pounds | Kampala, Uganda

Crossing Church in Costa Mesa, CA: 100 pounds | Rukungiri, Uganda

Why Soccer?

  • When poverty and unemployment are at very high levels, kids often turn to unhealthy alternatives to fill their time.
  • We work with organizations that provide HIV/AIDS, drug, alcohol, and personal hygiene education at camps and tournaments.
  • These organizations have found that kids are more likely to listen to coaches when these concepts are introduced in a more casual setting, rather than in a traditional classroom setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much all types! We are in greatest need of kids-size cleats and size 4 soccer balls. However, we also collect jerseys, shorts, shinguards, goalie gloves, ball pumps, cones, and training gear.

Consider holding your own equipment drive, fundraising campaign, or awareness tournament!

Donate Equipment Now

Interested in donating your gently used gear to a great cause?  Fill out the form below and we’ll take care of the hard stuff. After submitting the form, an All We Are member will contact you with more information on how to best ship the equipment to us.

For any questions or for additional information, please contact us at

Send Us Your Soccer Gear!

Please specify type of equipment (cleats, jerseys, balls, etc) and quantity. Also note that we can only accept clean, quality gear.
To reduce shipping costs, you can send to the AWA address closest to your address
For any questions or for additional information, please contact us at

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