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50 Solar Installations by 2025


We're on a mission to complete 50 installations by 2025. With our sustainable project design, communities receive access to affordable and clean energy.

Lighting Dark Schools

Why Solar?

Where there's power there's development. Solar unlocks the possibilities.

In Uganda, access to power is expensive, dirty and inconsistent—if it’s available at all. Frequent blackouts interrupt learning, health centers are unable to keep vaccines on hand, and students with no access to power can’t study after the sun goes down. 

The answer? Sustainable solar power.


Sustainability in Action

How it Works:

Community Needs Assessment

All We Are leads our local partners in a needs assessment to identify high-potential communities that would benefit from our program.

System Design and Local Sourcing

Our volunteer US-based team of engineers design the solar systems. All We Are purchases all components for systems from in-country solar supplies that have been vetted, to ensure that the organization is putting money into the local economy.

Expert Implementation

All We Are’s Ugandan team manages and monitors all solar work on the ground from technical assessments, installations, and site inspections. This local team ensures that projects can move in a timely manner and are easily accessible when issues arise.

Community Investment

All We Are works with the community to determine how much of the project cost the community is responsible to pay in term-based payments over the course of the first year of system use. Institutions are then required to make annual sustainability payments that create ownership and secure funds to ensure the longevity of the systems.

Solar Changes Everything

Transforming Communities and Impacting People

When we install solar in communities, we see incredible things happen.

  • Education improves. Schools report that attendance increases and student performance improves when solar is available at school.
  • Communities save. With solar, electricity costs can decrease by up to 80 percent. Communities with solar are able to reallocate funds to important projects. 
  • Neighborhoods are safer. Solar means students can study without the use of dangerous kerosene lamps, and security lights mean safer streets at night.   
  • Communities thrive. Solar doesn’t only have an immediate impact, it sparks sustainable change. Our beneficiaries finish school, get better jobs to support their families, and give back to their communities.

See Who We're Helping

In 2019, All We Are completed our first Solar Village project. With the help of the Rotary Club of Nateete-Kampala, we selected the rural district of Butambala as the site for the project. Solar has completely transformed the community, providing lights to 5 schools and the community medical center, as well as refrigeration for vaccines and access to clean water. Learn more about the Solar Village model.


Solar Map | Completed Installations

Solar Installations
Communities Served
LED Lights Installed
People Impacted

2019: 2 communities + 10,153 directly impacted

  • New Hope Vocational Institute - Kaihura, Kyenjojo district, Uganda
    10 teachers, 130 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • High Hope Nursery and Primary School - Kaihura, Kyenjojo district, Uganda | 20 teachers, 260 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • Joy Christian Nursery and Primary School - Kaihura, Kyenjojo district, Uganda | 13 teachers, 280 students, 78 LED lights installed
  • Hope Again Medical Centre - Kaihura, Kyenjojo district, Uganda | 15 staff, 3000 residents, 74 LED lights installed
  • Kitimba Solar Kiosk - Kitimba, Butambala district, Uganda
    1747 residents, Water Yield: 800 L/HR, Drill Depth: 100 Meters 
  • Lukalu Solar Kiosk - Lukalu, Butambala district, Uganda
    2901 residents, Water Yield: 1500 L/HR, Drill Depth: 125 Meters
  • Kamugombwa Solar Kiosk - Kamugombwa, Butambala district, Uganda | 1777 residents, Water Yield: 1000 L/HR, Drill Depth: 100 Meters 

2018: 2 communities + 11,029 directly impacted

  • Kisoko High School - West Budama, Tororo district, Uganda
    27 teachers, 300 students, 36 LED lights installed
  • Kitimba Primary School - Kitimba, Butambala district, Uganda
    13 teachers, 320 students, 60 LED lights installed
  • Kamugobwa Primary School - Kamugobwa, Butambala district, Uganda | 12 teachers, 428 students, 50 LED lights installed
  • Seeta Bweya Muslim Primary School - Seeta, Butambala district, Uganda | 12 teachers, 244 students, 58 LED lights installed
  • Lukalu Primary School - Lukalu, Butambala district, Uganda
    17 teachers, 901 students, 77 LED lights installed
  • Lukalu Secondary School Lukalu,Butambala district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 723 students, 135 LED lights installed
  • Kitimba Health Centre III Kitimba, Butambala district, Uganda
    12 staff, 8000 residents, 43 LED lights installed, Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

2017: 9 communities + 5,266 directly impacted

  • New ABC Divine Boarding School Upgrade - Mutundwe Wakiso district, Uganda | 17 teachers, 600 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • ABC Day and Boarding School - Nateete Kampala, Uganda
    16 teachers, 400 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • Divine Foundation School Kangulumira - Kangulumira Kayunga district, Uganda | 22 teachers, 870 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • Bussiiro Senior Secondary School - Luuka district, Uganda
    34 teachers, 1300 students, 113 LED lights installed
  • Kinaawa Parents Academy - Kinaawa Wakiso district, Uganda
    24 teachers, 506 students, 40 LED lights installed
  • Little Flower Nursery and Primary School - Kalisizo Rakai district, Uganda | 16 teachers, 507 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • Victory Junior School - Masulita- Lwemwedde Wakiso district, Uganda
    14 teachers, 250 students, 56 LED lights installed
  • Hope Vision Day and Boarding School - Ssekanyonyi Mityana district, Uganda | 10 teachers, 510 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • St. Joseph Nkooko Senior Secondary School - Nkooko Kakumiro district, Uganda | 20 teachers, 150 students, 42 LED lights installed

2016: 5 communities + 3,261 directly impacted

  • Kingstone College School - Bukolooto Kayunga district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 700 students, 104 LED lights installed
  • Amity Senior Secondary School - Nansana Wakiso district, Uganda
    33 teachers, 700 students, 84 LED lights installed
  • Mackay Memorial Primary School- Nateete Kampala district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 1000 students, 67 LED lights installed
  • Rubaga Mixed High School - Rubaga Kampala district, Uganda
    24 teachers, 350 students, 28 LED lights installed
  • Busega Primary School - Busega Kampala district, Uganda
    14 teachers, 400 students, 40 LED lights installed

2015: 2 communities + 1,808 directly impacted

  • New ABC Divine Boarding School - Mutundwe Wakiso district, Uganda
    17 teachers, 535 students, 18 LED lights installed
  • Uplands Secondary School - Mutundwe Kampala district, Uganda
    16 teachers,  450 students, 30 LED lights installed
  • Bright Community School - Kyebando Kampala district, Uganda
    18  teachers,  750  students, 63 LED lights installed
  • 91Four Women’s Rehabilitation Center - Mpererwe Kampala district, Uganda | 15 LED lights installed, 22 at-risk adolescent girls.

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