Solarize Uganda Now (SUN)

Our Flagship Program

We're on a mission to complete 50 installations by 2025. With our sustainable project design, communities receive access to affordable and clean energy.

Lighting Dark Schools

In Uganda and much of Africa, power is expensive, dirty and inconsistent, if it's available at all.  Dark classrooms inhibit learning and motivation.  Studying stops when the light does.  And computers are a nonstarter.  Poor power or no power limits the potential of the next generation.

The answer?  Sustainable solar power.


Sustainability in Action



All We Are designs and installs a solar system at a school in Uganda completely free of charge.


Energy Savings

Every term the school is required to make a sustainability payment. This money is used for maintenance and future projects.


Pay It Forward

The school administration helps us select another school site for the project.

Solar Changes Everything



Our schools’ power bills go down as much as 80% after making the switch.


Energy Savings

Schools can count on reliable energy.


Pay It Forward

Our headmasters tell us when the lights go on, motivation and attendance go up.

See Who We're Helping

All We Are has partnered with 24 schools and health centers across the country to provide solar energy which is impacting over 21,000 residents daily.


Solar Map | Completed Installations

Solar Installations
Communities Served
LED Lights Installed
People Impacted

2018: 2 communities + 11,029 directly impacted

  • Kisoko Primary School - West Budama, Tororo district, Uganda
    27 teachers, 300 students, 36 LED lights installed
  • Kitimba Primary School - Kitimba, Butambala district, Uganda
    13 teachers, 320 students, 60 LED lights installed
  • Kamugobwa Primary School - Kamugobwa, Butambala district, Uganda | 12 teachers, 428 students, 50 LED lights installed
  • Seeta Bweya Muslim Primary School - Seeta, Butambala district, Uganda | 12 teachers, 244 students, 58 LED lights installed
  • Lukalu Primary School - Lukalu, Butambala district, Uganda
    17 teachers, 901 students, 77 LED lights installed
  • Lukalu Secondary School Lukalu,Butambala district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 723 students, 135 LED lights installed
  • Kitimba Health Centre III Kitimba, Butambala district, Uganda
    12 staff, 8000 residents, 43 LED lights installed, Solar Vaccine Refrigerator

2017: 9 communities + 5,266 directly impacted

  • New ABC Divine Boarding School Upgrade - Mutundwe Wakiso district, Uganda | 17 teachers, 600 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • ABC Day and Boarding School - Nateete Kampala, Uganda
    16 teachers, 400 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • Divine Foundation School Kangulumira - Kangulumira Kayunga district, Uganda | 22 teachers, 870 students, 66 LED lights installed
  • Bussiiro Senior Secondary School - Luuka district, Uganda
    34 teachers, 1300 students, 113 LED lights installed
  • Kinaawa Parents Academy - Kinaawa Wakiso district, Uganda
    24 teachers, 506 students, 40 LED lights installed
  • Little Flower Nursery and Primary School - Kalisizo Rakai district, Uganda | 16 teachers, 507 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • Victory Junior School - Masulita- Lwemwedde Wakiso district, Uganda
    14 teachers, 250 students, 56 LED lights installed
  • Hope Vision Day and Boarding School - Ssekanyonyi Mityana district, Uganda | 10 teachers, 510 students, 76 LED lights installed
  • St. Joseph Nkooko Senior Secondary School - Nkooko Kakumiro district, Uganda | 20 teachers, 150 students, 42 LED lights installed

2016: 5 communities + 3,261 directly impacted

  • Kingstone College School - Bukolooto Kayunga district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 700 students, 104 LED lights installed
  • Amity Senior Secondary School - Nansana Wakiso district, Uganda
    33 teachers, 700 students, 84 LED lights installed
  • Mackay Memorial Primary School- Nateete Kampala district, Uganda
    20 teachers, 1000 students, 67 LED lights installed
  • Rubaga Mixed High School - Rubaga Kampala district, Uganda
    24 teachers, 350 students, 28 LED lights installed
  • Busega Primary School - Busega Kampala district, Uganda
    14 teachers, 400 students, 40 LED lights installed

2015: 2 communities + 1,808 directly impacted

  • New ABC Divine Boarding School - Mutundwe Wakiso district, Uganda
    17 teachers, 535 students, 18 LED lights installed
  • Uplands Secondary School - Mutundwe Kampala district, Uganda
    16 teachers,  450 students, 30 LED lights installed
  • Bright Community School - Kyebando Kampala district, Uganda
    18  teachers,  750  students, 63 LED lights installed
  • 91Four Women’s Rehabilitation Center - Mpererwe Kampala district, Uganda | 15 LED lights installed, 22 at-risk adolescent girls.

Hear from Our Headmasters


I believe solar will be more reliable and it will assure that students attend to their studies everyday. 


This is going to be a great relief for the school because maintaining power for a big institution using hydro power electricity is very expensive.  


A few months ago everything changed here. There was a blackout a week and a half long and we still had lights. 

Ready to Join Us?

See how your support can bring classroom, dormitory and security lights to schools throughout Uganda.  Be a part of our goal to solarize 50 schools through our SUN program by 2025.  100% of your donations go to the field.

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