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All We Are is a non-profit that is passionate about changing the world. As a group of young leaders, we work to make every donation count. 100% of all public donations goes towards our projects in Uganda. We pay our overhead.  You don’t. 


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Our Monthly Giving Program

At All We Are, our mission is to change the lives of people in developing nations through sustainable projects. Through our program Solarize Uganda Now (SUN), we're working to install solar lights in 50 schools by 2025. By installing these systems, we will provide thousands of kids the opportunity to continue their studies after dark

But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we created Illuminate, a monthly giving program where caring people like you can help us make a powerful impact on underprivileged children you may never meet, but whose lives will be forever changed by your commitment.

Without you, Illuminate is just a vision, our dream for changing the world. With you, it’s hope in action. With you, it’s real change in the lives of thousands of children, and an immeasurable impact on their communities.



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