100% of your donation goes directly towards our projects

Private donors and our US volunteers cover our operating costs, so you can give knowing your whole donation will go towards bringing sustainable energy solutions to communities in Uganda.

Sponsor a Project

The average cost of an installation is $7,500, but this varies per size of the institution and other factors. When you sponsor a project, we’ll pair your donation with an upcoming install site. Learn more

Strategic partnerships

Our major partners, like Rotary Interational, contribute more than funds. Their ideas, volunteer power, and support help us to create long-term impact in communities in Uganda. 

Get Involved

No matter how old you are, where you live, or whether or not you can give, there are always opportunities to get involved in our work. Bring AWA to your school, start a fundraiser, or shop using Amazon Smile.

Corporate funding

Looking to rally your employees or customers around our mission? Let’s work together on a fundraising campaign, co-branded products, or anything else we can dream up. 

We’re believe in transparency in our work.

100% of public donations go directly to our projects, and we promise to always use your money effectively. We are working to better understand our impact so that we can share it with our generous supporters, like you. 

More info coming soon!


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Install Sites

This number represents our total number of partner institutions, where we have completed one solar installation. We have done additional installations and made updates at several of our install sites. We will continue to update this number as we receive information from the field.

People Impacted

This number represents the total number of people who have access to our solar sites, as reported by the community. This includes the total population at each school, as well as the number of people that health center sites serve. We will continue to update this number as we receive information from the field.