Why Solar?

Where there's power, there's development. Solar unlocks the possibilities.

In Uganda, access to power is expensive, dirty and inconsistent—if it’s available at all. Frequent blackouts interrupt learning, health centers are unable to keep vaccines on hand, and students with no access to power can’t study after the sun goes down.

57.4% of Ugandans live without access to electricity

That’s over half of the population, more than 24 million people. In rural areas, only a small percentage of families even have access to the national grid. And with Uganda’s growing population, traditional power companies experience issues distributing electricity and many people are left without light for extended periods of time.

But access to energy means better education, health, and safety for communities in Uganda. Since nearly half of Ugandans are under the age of 14, we focus our work on schools and health centers that serve large populations.

Solar changes everything.

Education improves

Schools report that attendance increases and student performance improves when solar is available at school.

Communities thrive

Solar doesn’t only have an immediate impact, it sparks sustainable change. Our beneficiaries finish school, get better jobs, and give back to their communities.

Institutions save

With solar, electricity costs can decrease by up to 80%. Communities with solar are able to reallocate funds to important projects.

Neighborhoods are safer

Solar means students can study without the use of dangerous kerosene lamps, and security lights mean safer streets at night.

We can Solarize Uganda Now.

We’re on a mission to bring clean, affordable energy to communities in Uganda. With our sustainable project design, beneficiaries have seen improvements in education and health.


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Install Sites

This number represents our total number of partner institutions, where we have completed one solar installation. We have done additional installations and made updates at several of our install sites. We will continue to update this number as we receive information from the field.

People Impacted

This number represents the total number of people who have access to our solar sites, as reported by the community. This includes the total population at each school, as well as the number of people that health center sites serve. We will continue to update this number as we receive information from the field.